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A New Approach

Elysium uses small, modular tire recycling equipment to process waste tires at a cost per unit similar to our competitors but on a much smaller scale. This allows us to access sites previously too small or remote to turn a profit. Additionally, the output from our recycling modules include marketable products at every level, even the crumbs are can be used in molded products and asphalt.

"...unprecedented efficiency and surgical precision..."

We have partnered with local Arizona equipment manufacturer, Engineering & Equipment Co., to bring unprecedented efficiency and surgical precision to the business of recycling tires. We take end of life tires, reducing stock at landfills and illegal dumpsites, and give them new life; on their way to become roads, playgrounds, molded rubber products, etc.

Up to
Wire Free
1+ ton/hr
Recycling Plants
As low as

Be the change.

We, at Elysium, don't believe the status quo is good enough. Big, expensive shredders are not good enough. Shuffling stockpiles until tires can be dumped is not good enough. We touch tires as few times as are necessary, move them only as far as we have to, and even our "waste" products are completely recyclable.

  • Recycling Services
  • Municipal Landfills
  • Tire Shop & Reseller Disposal
  • Storage Inventory Reduction
  • Illegal Dump Site Cleanup
  • Starting at


    per ton
  • Rubber Products
  • Sidewalls, Treads, Beadwire
  • Chipped Rubber
  • Molded Rubber Products
  • Rubber Mulch
  • Starting at


    per ton

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